When Harry first came to live with us, he was kind of funny looking. He had really big ears and his head was too big for his body - kind of like me when I was a kid.

He was just over four months old when we got him. He was old enough to want to be on his own, but still young enough to be a bit awkward around new things.

Harry had learned good manners from his mother. He was very polite, he hardly ever barked, and he never growled. He was friendly and outgoing. Everyone who met Harry liked him right away.

We went out and got Harry all the stuff that we thought a puppy might need to be happy. We got him his own bowl, a ball and lots of stuff to chew. We got him a nice big dog crate to sleep in because dogs have a den instinct and like to be in an enclosed place to feel safe.

He seemed to really like the big yard he had to play in. He tried to make friends with the big dogs next door, and the cat too. He was getting along pretty well with everyone.

Harry wasn't quite sure about some of the new rules, though, like "Don't chew what?"and "Don't pee where?"

It would prove to be an interesting time.